Using technology to connect people and their workplaces



1. The Brief

Competing in the world of commercial real estate, JLL needed a bold way to draw attention to, and to differentiate its commercial service offering for tenants and employees alike – and help key retailers to increase revenue.

2. The Solution

Omobono’s Corridor App, with iBeacon technology, digitally connects people with their workplace. An entertaining, intuitive experience, Corridor puts essential services, hyper-local discounts and the latest news on vital amenities in the palm of your hand.

  • 700+

    Downloads within the first week

  • 1200

    Downloads in the first 3 months

  • 100%

    retailer participation

3. The Result

Corridor has earned thousands of downloads since launch and attracted 100% retailer participation. Corridor will now be expanded to cover 4 US regions and over 350 individual properties managed by JLL worldwide.

  • 100% retailer participation

    in the information section of the app, and 12 of the 23 retailers within the building (~52%) installed beacons to push deals to building occupants.

  • Expansion in 6+ properties 4 US regions

    (Pacific Northwest, West Coast, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic) and 3 countries (USA, Phillipines, Brazil).

  • Plan to further expand to 350+ properties

    JLL owns and manages across the globe.

  • 1,150 app downloads in first three months

    Within the 3 month following launch (mid-Dec through mid-Jan) there were 573 active users – for an active user retention rate of 49.8%.

Meredith McNally, Senior Manager, Marketing, JLL

“Thank you so much! We are SUPER pumped! And we obviously never would have gotten here without all of the help we’ve received from Omobono. So congrats to all of you as well, and thank you again!”

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