What Works Where 2016

Is integration the key to digital success?

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What Works Where 2016


Is integration the key to digital success?

In conjunction with Winmark Global, we have canvassed the views of over 100 senior marketers and HR professionals from some of the world’s most influential B2B organisations.

Their insights uncover painful truths and serious questions that professionals on both sides need to urgently respond to, if they are to ensure that their organisations thrive and their teams maintain relevance.

Jackie Lanham, Group Organisation Development Director, Rexam PLC

“The consumer brand has an intrinsic link into the employer brand, and I think in the past working separately was a mistake.”

What does the future of integrated communication look like?

What if the increasing overlap of Marketing and HR were not an inevitable risk, but a strategic opportunity?

It is clear from our research that organisations need to unite their thinking, unify their efforts and look forward through a single lens. Nick Petford, Vice Chancellor of the University of Northampton, offers one possible option that ambitious companies can take to accelerate integrated communications.

Filmed at Burlington House, courtesy of the Geological Society

Tom Baker, Global Head of Resourcing, Imperial Tobacco Group

“You’ve got to look at it through the eyes of the end [customer]... to ensure that you look smart and appealing; like somebody you might want to do business and work with. Clarity of purpose, vision and message - that only comes from internal collaboration between the various functions, particularly Marketing and HR.”

What behaviours ensure successful collaboration and an integrated brand?

Drawing upon their experience our panellists debated the following topics:

  • Collaboration doesn’t cut it – how must Marketing and HR change?
  • ‘Employer Brand’ and ‘Corporate Brand’ – Is there really still a difference?
  • Which behaviours lead to a more integrated brand? How can these be measured and developed?


  • Cathy Stuttle, Head of eCommerce, BNY Mellon/Newton Investment Management
  • Matt Bythell, Head of Marketing, Capita Asset Services
  • Eric Pietrac, International HR SVP, Walgreens Boots Alliance

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