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In 2013, we surveyed 200 senior business marketers in the UK, USA and China. We found that marketers across the globe are facing more challenges than ever before, targeting more audiences in more regions, using more channels than three years ago.


We've been collecting data from senior business marketers for our What Works Where in B2B Digital Marketing study for the past 3 years. As a result, we have good insight into what marketers are doing and what they think works. Our research is a benchmark against which B2B marketers can measure their own activity.

The 3 year view has allowed us to take a detailed look at how budgets and perceptions of effectiveness are changing over time; which channels are marketers moving their budgets to, and which are losing out.

One thing that is apparent is that 3 years on, marketers are struggling with greater pressures than ever before. They have more people to target, more channels to use, more geographies to market to and more challenges to face. But budgets are not increasing and there is still no definitive answer to measuring ROI. No wonder 73% of them say that being a marketer has become more challenging in the last 3 years.

Andrew Markowitz, Director Global Digital Strategy, GE BMA Blaze Conference, Chicago May 2013

“One of the biggest issues in B2B is the lack of published research on best practice”


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