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Omobono is the digital agency for business brands.

Our clients are major national and international enterprises. We help B2B companies manage their digital presence both internally and externally – with customers, employees and stakeholders.

So why does the world need a B2B agency?

All agencies understand communication (or should do), but usually from a consumer perspective. Few understand business where communications success relies on enhancing the value of long term relationships; buying practice is different; everyone in the business is a potential marketer; communications are frequently part of client service.

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Our Expertise

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  • Brand Stewardship

    Your brand is one of your core pieces of IP. Omobono creates, develops and extends corporate brands both strategically and visually.

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital (in its many forms) is today’s lead comms discipline. We help companies use digital tools and processes to connect with their target audiences.

  • Training

    Organisational knowledge is key to business growth. We run social and digital marketing workshops to share practices across territories and disciplines.

  • Social Media

    Social is all around us these days. But effective strategy, policy and implementation still requires specialist understanding and expertise.

  • Internal Comms

    We have a strong track record in creating compelling internal engagement campaigns that help ensure all employees are aligned with the vision and goals of the business.

  • Integrated

    We know that multi-channel campaigns can have the strongest effect. So we help clients achieve their objectives by whichever are the most effective methods.

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Our Clients

Our B2B Clients are from a diverse range of sectors including:

Professional Services
Public Sector

We can't talk about all of our clients - you'll be surprised to know who they are though.