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What Works Where UAE 2017

The State of B2B Digital in the UAE
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Quantum Computing Takes Flight

The impact of accelerated innovation on commercial airlines

A year ago, China announced the creation of the Sunway TaihuLight computer, which has the capacity to carry out 93 quadrillion calculations per second. Impressive right? While this represents a fantastic achievement, this machine is likely to be outsmarted in the next few months. Science is at a cross road and it would seem binary computers have taken us as far as we can go. So what’s next?

Virtual Reality
The Book Club

A mindfulness guide for the Frazzled

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the reviewer of a book is duty bound to come up with a commentary that is pithier and more insightful than the book itself. When the author is not just THE Ruby Wax but a Ruby Wax who has sneaked off and done a Masters in mindfullness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) at Oxford, that is a pretty big ask. So my apologies for not being able to sum up this book in a single, clever sentence.