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From offices in London, Chicago and Cambridge, we use creativity and technology to make our world famous clients more desirable to buy from, more attractive to work for and more valuable as brands.

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What Works Where UAE 2017

The State of B2B Digital in the UAE
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To Build Your Culture, Define Your Values. Pt. 1

Company culture. Nowadays, it gets thrown around like sparkle confetti at a pre-teen birthday party. The thing about sparkle confetti, it gets absolutely everywhere. Same goes for a company’s culture. It permeates all areas of the business and is apparent to outsiders. When your company’s culture is thriving, you inevitably attract new and innovative talent. Here at Omobono, we believe that a well-nourished culture aids in talent retention and creates a strong brand identity.

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The Book Club

Start With Why

I’ve been late to the party on Simon Sinek’s Start With Why, which was published in 2009. So apologies to aficionados and fans.