Omobono has offices in the UK (Cambridge, London and Bristol) and in the USA (Chicago).

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  • ​Omobono are easy, sweet, fun, competent and well organised.

    Vice President New and Social Media, Swiss Re

  • Excellent innovation and creativity. The people at Omobono are very pleasant to work with.

    Strategic Marketing, Global Professional Services Company

  • The project lead is excellent, constructive and fast to act.

    Head of Commercial Processes, Syngenta

  • ​Omobono are very professional and highly adaptive to client needs.

    Vice President New and Social Media, Swiss Re

  • I like the creative ideas and culture of Omobono.

    Managing Director, Progression

  • Great ideas, creative individuals and very responsive to emergencies.

    Digital Marketing Manager, Global Professional Services Company

  • Omobono understand our business really well.

    Director of Digital Marketing, Global Professional Services Company

  • Professionalism; I have confidence Omobono will get the job done well.

    Marketing Lead, Global Professional Services Company

  • Omobono are very accommodating; I have a great working relationship with the team.

    Manager, Global Professional Services Company

  • The team are passionately living your message, which makes you very credible.

    Learning and Development Consultant, Swiss Re

  • The people, their approach and the way they seamlessly align to our team. Omobono are self sufficient, understand us the client and the way we work, and deliver quality every time.

    Marketing Director, Global Professional Services Company

  • I like Omobono's team spirit, collaboration and reliable attitude.

    Communications Manager, Global Professional Services Company

  • Really nice people that are full of ideas, but not in your face!

    Digital Marketing Manager, Syngenta

  • I consider Omobono one of the highest quality agencies.

    Sales & Marketing Director, Global Professional Services Company

  • Omobono portray a flexible, uncomplicated easy-going way of working - just enough processes to keep it professional, but still flexible in their service.

    Learning and Development Consultant, Swiss Re

  • Omobono are creative and have a world view.

    Sales & Marketing Director, Global Professional Services Company

  • Everyone at Omobono is extremely easy to work with - they have a 'will do' and positive attitude.

    Digital Marketing Manager, Global Professional Services Company

  • Omobono impart knowledge on a range of digital marketing subjects with actual examples.

    Marketing and Development Manager, Syngenta

  • The people at Omobono swiftly understand the 'need', with a great ability to read between the lines.

    Marketing Lead, Global Professional Services Company

  • High end strategic thinkers not order takers.

    Global Marketing Director, Global Professional Services Company

  • Omobono understand the business, how we work and what is expected.

    Marketing Consultant, Global Professional Services Company

  • Good customer service. Great attitude. Thinks strategically.

    Global Digital Marketing, Global Professional Services Company

  • Proactive project management, I know I have less to worry about.

    Digital Marketing Manager, Global Professional Services Company

  • Omobono consistently deliver beyond our brief, whilst always having the needs of Miele at heart– a great partner to have on board.

    Sales & Marketing Director, Miele Professional

  • Aaron Cronshaw - Senior Project Manager

    The best part about my job is helping to transform a squiggle on a page into something awesome.

    Aaron Cronshaw,
    Senior Project Manager

  • Adam Healy - Team Leader

    It's great to be part of a team with such strong ideas and enthusiasm for the future.

    Adam Healy,
    Team Leader

  • ​Andy Richardson, UX Specialist

    Strategy, innovation, digital, it’s why I get up in the morning and it’s what Omobono is all about!

    Andy Richardson,
    UX Specialist

  • Ash Gerrish, Account Director

    I find there's rarely anything genuinely new to excite you. At Omobono, that is definitely not the case.

    Ash Gerrish,
    Account Director

  • Becca Tomlinson, Senior Project Manager

    ​Variety is the spice of life and with clients in Australia, the USA and just about everywhere else in between I've seen it all!

    Becca Tomlinson,
    Senior Project Manager

  • Ben Dansie, CEO

    ​We are very fortunate to have the freedom to think across a broad range of potential solutions for our clients.

    Ben Dansie,

  • Catherine Robertson, Group Account Director

    ​We have a fantastic team who believe in what they do and go the extra mile.

    Catherine Robertson,
    Group Account Director

  • Chris Butterworth, Executive Creative Director

    A blank piece of paper isn't intimidating – the important thing is just to get on and make that first mark.

    Chris Butterworth,
    Executive Creative Director

  • Claire Perry, Account Director

    Creativity. Imaginative thinking and making things happen - that’s what I enjoy doing every single day.

    Claire Perry,
    Account Director

  • David Isaacson, Senior Strategist

    ​My job satisfaction is huge when I help a client get involved with social, making a real difference to their business.

    David Isaacson,
    Senior Strategist

  • Donna McGrory, Group Account Director

    I love the variety. Helping clients to solve their business issues and making a difference to their business.

    Donna McGrory,
    Group Account Director

  • Fran Brosan, Chairman

    What started as an opportunity to work with the best two people I've met in marketing is now an incredible team.

    Fran Brosan,

  • Jamey Greenwood, Senior Developer

    I like the people, the Sonos and the cats. Okay, there aren't any cats. But it's a great place to work.

    Jamey Greenwood,
    Senior Developer

  • Jess Goldsmith, Project Director

    I love the varied nature of the job, no one day is the same, it keeps me on my toes and is never boring!

    Jess Goldsmith,
    Project Director

  • Kate French, Project Manager

    The people are the heart and soul of Omobono and make it a pleasure to come into work.

    Kate French,
    Project Manager

  • Katy Bee, Creative Designer

    I enjoy the diversity of projects and working alongside a talented team

    Katy Bee,
    Creative Designer

  • Mike Lord, Creative Director

    When there is nothing more to add, and nothing more to be taken away, that's your answer.

    Mike Lord,
    Creative Director

  • Rajen Mistry, Creative Director

    I enjoy creating experiences that change the way people think about a business.

    Rajen Mistry,
    Creative Director

  • Rob Hurst, Senior Strategist

    ​Social media is about so much more than posting a tweet, the difficult thing is not getting carried away!

    Rob Hurst,
    Senior Strategist

  • Salvi Joomun, Resource Manager

    Working for Omobono means no 2 days are the same; ensuring balance of capacity v/s delivery means the best results for the client.

    Salvi Joomun,
    Resource Manager

  • Sarah Pettinger, Managing Director

    I enjoy getting the job done - completing projects to a high standard; brilliant creative and project delivery.

    Sarah Pettinger,
    Managing Director

  • Sophie Jackson, Senior Creative Designer

    ​The important thing about design is to think creatively even within the narrowest of constraints.

    Sophie Jackson,
    Senior Creative Designer

  • Stacy Talbot, Developer

    ​Omobono provides me with opportunities to work on a diverse range of projects, which helps me grow as a developer.

    Stacy Talbot,

  • Toni Diggens, Project Director

    ​Challenging the brief and working together to make a difference on projects. That's what wins awards!

    Toni Diggens,
    Project Director

  • Ash Ogden, Content Strategist

    We may have different job titles, but everyone has ideas. That’s where the creative zest comes from.

    Ash Ogden,
    Content Strategist

  • Francesca Pellegrini, Creative Designer

    Joining the Omobono team has helped develop my design skills and experience a range of different project challenges.

    Francesca Pellegrini,
    Creative Designer

  • Lee Wardell, Team Leader

    Being creative for a living is a privilege as most of the time it doesn't feel like work.

    Lee Wardell,
    Team Leader

  • Paul Howarth, Creative Designer

    Being surrounded by creative and friendly people is what makes working at Omobono great.

    Paul Howarth,
    Creative Designer

  • Tom Kelly, Managing Director

    We have a wonderfully diverse team that share a passion for delivering the best experience for our clients.

    Tom Kelly,
    Managing Director (Omobono Inc.)

  • Lucy McCulloch, UX Specialist

    ​There's a real buzz at Omobono - there's so much passion, drive and enthusiasm! It makes it an inspiring place to work every day

    Lucy McCulloch,
    UX Specialist

  • Jenna Marino - Senior Project Manager

    I love creating something special and building great relationships with clients in the process.

    Jenna Marino,
    Senior Project Manager

  • Annie Gelinas - Senior Project Manager

    I care about the details and working here lets me focus on the things that really matter to our clients.

    Annie Gelinas,
    Senior Project Manager

  • Ben James - Project Manager

    I love the variety of projects and working with a really talented group of people too!

    Ben James,
    Project Manager

  • Dan Simmonds, Creative Designer

    Working with a highly talented driven team and weaving clients' stories into motion is what makes working at Omobono a pleasure.

    Dan Simmonds,
    Creative Designer

  • Ellie Jones, Account Director

    The ideas, creativity and passion that sits within everyone at Omobono is inspiring - and our clients love the results!

    Ellie Jones,
    Account Director

  • Fay Gadsby, Project Manager

    I get a huge kick out of the work achieved here at Omobono through the messy but powerful business of mixing brilliant and diverse minds.

    Fay Gadsby,
    Project Manager

  • Grant Gillard, Artworker

    Try to be a rainbow in someones cloud.

    Grant Gillard,

  • Guru Thiru, Creative Designer

    Omobono is full of clever people with creative solutions. It’s never a dull day!

    Guru Thiru,
    Creative Designer

  • Hugh Billings, Senior Copywriter

    I'm proud to champion the blend of audience psychology and creative communications.

    Hugh Billings,
    Senior Copywriter

  • James Anslow, Developer

    Learning new things and keeping up with the curve motivates me, I love being part of a team that pushes the digital envelope and strives for excellence.

    James Anslow,

  • Katy Abraham, Project Manager

    Working at Omobono has been a rapid learning curve in all things digital - it's great to have the inside knowledge.

    Katy Abraham,
    Project Manager

  • Laura Snell, Creative Designer

    I’m doing what I love, with the added bonus of working alongside a bunch of very talented people!

    Laura Snell,
    Creative Designer

  • Leigh Igoe, Creative Designer

    The variety of design work, along with the dedicated and dynamic team, makes it a pleasure to work at Omobono.

    Leigh Igoe,
    Creative Designer

  • Luke Moore, Artwork Team Leader

    Love my role as Lead Creative Artworker. It satisfies my need for creativity and exacting accuracy, all at the same time.

    Luke Moore,
    Artwork Team Leader

  • Maddie Cosco, Project Manager

    Omobono is full of great people who work hard and push boundaries to deliver exciting and innovative projects.

    Maddie Cosco,
    Project Manager

  • Matt Ireland, Team Leader

    I enjoy pushing boundaries in the mobile/tablet interactive space, bringing design and ideas to life.

    Matt Ireland,
    Team Leader

  • Sean Hester, Developer

    The best thing about working at Omobono is the people.

    Sean Hester,

  • Zoe Morgan, Finance Assistant

    Time has flown by! Lovely people, brilliant working environment and all in all a great company to work for.

    Zoe Morgan,
    Finance Assistant